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The Sage Within is a Journey of the Soul in search of answers to the ancient questions; “From Whence We Came and Where Are We Going?” It’s a journey that we all would like to take on a daily basis, but due to manmade priorities, we find every reason why we cannot embark on such a spiritual journey. Farinah lived 25 thousand feet above sea level in a village call Watanama where males are groomed to be Sages. They are taught how man and nature should live in harmony in order to have a balance between Mother Earth, energy, and vibration. Farux, the village chief Sage and the father of Farinah, is perplexed and confused by his seven-year-old daughter’s inquisitiveness, understanding of the universe and her refusal to accept any gender limitations. This is creating problems for the village since only males are allowed to participate in spiritual ceremonies and studies. The Rites of Passage of Farinah,

Theo Chambers

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